Was born 1954 in Graz, Austria. After several years studying medicine and education theory, he left university and Austria in 1977 and spent one year in Ibiza, Spain "discovering himself". Afterwards he worked in Hamburg, Germany as songwriter, PR writer and tourmanager. One morning he came upon a fairy tale and knew that this was something that would change the rest of his life. He then dedicated about one year, researching and looking into the fairy tale and its theory. At the end of 1978 he wrote his first book of fairy tales.

Till 2009 33 books have been published (over 1,4 million copies) in 12 languages,
Translations published in USA, Spain, China, Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland, France, Corea, Indonesia and Portugal.
TV appearances around the globe, approximately 3500 performances (in German and English) given in 38 countries around the world.

In 1986 the „Folke Tegetthoff Collection”, the first official archiv worldwide about his work was opened at Murray State University, Kentucky, U.S.A.
2 theses about his work have been published. Since 1988 he is the organizer of Europes biggest storytellingfestival. fabelhaft!NIEDERÖSTERREICH, which will start in 2007 and annually take place is the successional festival of TALESOFGRAZ)

Folke Tegetthoff combines classical elements of the fairy tale with contemporary art: the creation of new fairy tales, the narration and, particulary, the fairy tale as a philosophy of life!

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