In 1994 he received (as the first Austrian) one of the most important awards worldwide, the "YGDRASIL" - the LEGO Prize - (US$ 100.000) which is awarded every year to individuals or organisations who have helped generate a broader understanding of children, their situation and conditions (as the second author after Astrid Lindgren)!

In 1997 Foundation of WONDER WORLD LLC, Fantasy Company. Responsible for international marketing of Folke Tegetthoffs ideas and projekts, especially his themeparc-projekt: SounTopia (registrated trademark).

In 1982 he married Astrid from Holland. In 1985 Tessa was born, 1986 Sophie, 1989 Kira and 1993 Floris. Since 1990 the Tegetthoffs have lived in the old, former nunnery of St. Georgen, in the south of the Austrian province of Styria together with 3 birds and 2 dogs, fairies and elves...

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