...about the paradise
Knockin' on heaven's door (...in South India...)
When one arrives at Nikki’s Nest, it is not like arriving in a hotel, or in one of the usual resorts. In Nikki’s Nest one is welcomed in the true sense of the word: the manager, the receptionist, two of the “boys”, a chambermaid come and greet you like an old acquaintance - and I have observed that this ceremony is repeated with each arriving guest - it does not matter whether he knocks at the Gates of Paradise for the first time or for the tenth time…
They take you, lead you on the terrace covered with arm-strong bamboo canes, where
a desk stands that also works as the ‘Reception’, hand you - approximately 3 minutes have passed since stepping out of the hotel-owned van - a freshly pressed mango-papaya juice, pull a high-back canechair closer to you and request you gently but with certainty to sit down and enjoy the first view. The first view: an incomprehensibly kitschy picture, such that one would believe that only a third class painter could manage to paint… seemingly never-ending beach, deep blue Indian ocean, palms, which bend over the white sand at a neck-breaking angle.
While handsome young men with dazzling smiles disappear with your suitcases, while a very gentle, however, very pleasantly perceptible wind begins to take your everyday life away over the water, even more beautiful young girls with dazzling smiles just glide past you (Walk? Oh no, that is not ‘walking!) and greet you, you have already begun to ease with this ‘cure’ without realising it.

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