The storyteller

Folke Tegetthoff is considered world-wide as the founder of a new tradition in the art of story-telling. Like hardly any other, he has influenced the art of story-telling with his work as a storyteller, poet, lecturer, festival founder and organiser: His „World Storytelling Tour” (Welttournee des Maerchens), which led him to 28 countries on all continents between 1982 and 1984, is still unequalled.He is the only German-language storyteller whose work has been entered in the sound archives of the National Library of Congress in Washington.

  • No other storyteller world-wide can boast such an extensive list of guest performances at universities: from Al-Ahzar in Cairo to the University of Jerusalem, from Sophia University, Tokyo, to Stanford University, San Francisco – Tegetthoff has guested at 27 universities since 1982.

  • Countless television and radio appearances and world-wide media reports have made him into one of the most popular artists in Austria and an absolute star of the international storytelling scene.

  • In 1994, for his work „The Revival of Storytelling” (der Wiederbelebung der Erzaehlkunst), he received, along with Ygdrasi, the INTERNATIONAL LEGO PRIZE – one of the highest endowed prizes of its kind (US$ 100,000) – he was only the second writer since Astrid Lindgren to win this prize! Since 13th February 1979, when his first book was presented and he made his first appearance as a storyteller, he has made about 3500 guest performances in: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Fiji, USA, Canada, Hawaii, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Belgium and Malaysia.