The fairy tale poet

Folke Tegetthoff unites classical elements with a completely new „tell-tale” style, making him unique in the German-speaking literary scene. He writes equally for children and young people, but his main focus is writing stories for adults.

Here he can really spread his poetic wings: his “Tales of Love” (Liebesmaerchen) sold just under 300,000 in the German-speaking area and is one of the most successful books by a living Austrian author. His “Tales of Herbs” (Kraeutermaerchen) has almost become a classic tale, and in the guise of his “Fableland of ice: A Storytelling Diary” (Fabelland des Eises – Ein Maerchentagebuch) he’s turned over a brand new leaf in contemporary story-telling.

Since 13th February 1979, when his first book (The Beautiful Dragon/ “Der Schoene Drache”) was published and his first public appearance as a storyteller, 33 books have been published in 12 languages, in 62 editions with a total circulation of 1.4 million copies.

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