„Once again Europe has a fairy tale teller...”
The Shankei Shimbun, Tokio

„A new name has to be added to Aesop, Grimm, Andersen...”
The Manly Daily, Sydney

„He planted the tree of the fairy tale in the heart of the people...”
The Star News, Los Angeles

„The poet and the storyteller keeps the audience spellbound...”
The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati

„This book (Reisemärchen) ought to belong on every book shelf!”
Kronen Zeitung, Vienna

„Folke Tegetthoff, celebrated guest of the Berlin Festival!”
Berliner Tagblatt, Berlin

„It´s simply great to read this book (Liebesmärchen). Every sentence turns out to be an experience. No word is a coincidence. If every storyteller were to write such fairy tales, I would be the greatest fairy tale fan in the world.”
Munich Book Magazine, Munich