For me, tales are communication. Talking with one another. Someone stands up and tells a story. That's all. No costumes, no masks, no stage scenery and no extravagant light shows. Only my words, my eyes, and ... the ears, eyes and hearts of my listeners.

Story telling does not simply mean setting up channels between my mouth and your ears - it means laying out very fine threads between my heart and your hearts. In my work I wish to encourage people to stand by their stories and to communicate them to others. Tales must be freed from their cliched image. Tales are not "sweet entertainment for the little ones" nor are they a "world of dreams and wishes" out of reach. They are not an escape from reality, but a longing for reality!

I personally rate my work with adults as far more important than my work with children. This is because the inner deprivation, growing lack of concentration, and the disproportionate consumption of TV and computer games of our children can be traced back to the increasing inability of adults to communicate among themselves.

YOU must once more learn the art of story telling AND listening in order to be able to communicate these to your children.
Folke Tegetthoff