Although Folke Tegetthoff is also a conceptualist and consultant, he is primarily a great visionary.

He develops new business models and strategies for companies and helps organizations create strong brands – as shown in the following examples:

  • Mondo Angelo (Thun AG, Bozen)
  • Magic of Quality (World Hertitage Region Salzkammergut, Bad Goisern)
  • Klangwolke (LIVA, Linz)
  • So nah, so fern (“So close, so far” Tirol Advertising Campaign, Innsbruck)
  • Forum Lesen – The first literacy center in Lower Austria (Province of Lower Austria)
  • – The first internet search engine for stories. (toolbox, Graz)
  • Tjupa (Roche AG, Basel)
  • Dreizehn (“Thirteen” Casinos Austria, Wien)
  • Six Steps (Austria Micro Systems, Graz)
  • Das wahre Märchen eines Fürstenhauses (“The True Tale of a Royal House” Esterhazy Betrieb GmbH, Eisenstadt)
  • Himmel über Wien (“Heaven above Vienna” Osterklang, Wien)
  • Grundsteinlegung Kunsthaus Graz (Foundation Stone Ceremony of the Kunsthaus Graz)
  • Corporate Philosophy Gössl/Gwandhaus (Salzburg) 

Folke Tegetthoff also teaches listening skills – the basis for economic success. To learn more about the training program “A Story of Success. From the School of Listening” please click here.

And also: SounTopia.

1997 gives birth to a new project in the monastery garden of St. Georgen that will occupy Folke Tegetthoff for years: SounTopia – Land of Sound and Music – is to become the world’s first theme park for music, a further development of his work from writing to storytelling to listening and to sound.

A four-month study visit with Jack Rouse, one of the world’s best developers in the United States, follows. A suitable site is found in Salzburg, partnerships formed and companies established. But then comes a flood that destroys all the plans. The project was not ultimately developed – but what does remain is a priceless experience