Folke Tegetthoff - Biografie
Folke Tegetthoff – Biografie

Born February 13, 1954 in Graz

Studied Medicine und Educational Theory

1977-78: Residence in Spain

1978-79: Residence in Hamburg

On February 13, 1979, on his 25th birthday, Folke Tegetthoff presents his first book „Der schöne Drache“ (The Beautiful Dragon) in the Graz City Museum.

1982-1984: World Storytelling Tour

1986: Murray State University (Kentucky) opens the first archive worldwide of Folke Tegetthoff’s work.

1994: Folke Tegetthoff becomes the first Austrian and second writer after Astrid Lindgren to receive the $100,000  International Lego Prize, which is awarded to people who work for better living conditions for children.

1988-1996: The Long Night of Storytelling festival in all Austrian provinces.

1997-2006: Tales of Graz.  Europe’s largest storytelling festival

2000: Four month stay in the USA for the SounTopia Project.

Seit 2007: fabelhaft!NIEDERÖSTERREICH, das Internationale Festival der Erzählenden Künste.

Since 2007: fabelhaft!NIEDERÖSTERREICH – The International Festival of the Art of Storytelling in Lower Austria.

Since 2015: INTERNATIONAL STORYTELLING FESTIVAL with four locations: grazTALES in Styria, linzSTORY in Upper Austria (since 2016), MQmagicSTORIES in Vienna and fabulous!LOWERAUSTRIA in Bad Schönau

2016: book number 43 – “Hallo, Herr Husten! Guten Tag, Frau Bauchweh”!

Folke Tegetthoff has been Folke Tegetthoff has been married  since 1982. They have four children and live in a former monastery in southern Styria and in Piran.

Take a look at private photos in the Photo Album.

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